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Devon Rums

Devon Rums

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Devon Rum Co - Premium Spiced Rum (70cl bottle)

This is a small batch, craft rum made in an 'English Style' with a blend of Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana. Our unique blend of pot and column-stilled rum is created working closely with one of the world's leading blenders and importers of traditional Caribbean rums. Once landed in the UK, we infuse the base Caribbean rum with natural Devon spring water and our own special recipe of natural aromatic spices, pepper and citrus zest, which gives the rum it's great taste and unique local quality. Unlike many alternative spiced rums, we add no vanilla, sugar or colouring and have concentrated on the quality of our base rum, our carefully crafted recipe and sourcing quality natural ingredients to deliver this delightful spirit. The result, a fantastic premium spiced rum, crafted and bottled in Devon and reflecting our heritage, lifestyle and love for the ocean.

Devon Rum Co - Honey Spiced Rum (70cl bottle)

A smooth honey spiced rum, produced at the slightly lower 37.5% abv. A unique blend of exotic pot and column distilled Caribbean rums. We add natural Devon spring water here in the UK and infuse with natural aromatic spices and local wild flower honey. This is a much sweeter and silky smooth rum, delicately spiced, hand-crafted and bottled in the heart of Devon. Our beautiful bottles are screen-printed directly onto the glass, so we use no labels, no plastic and all our packaging is 100% recyclable

Devon Rum Co - Golden Rum (70cl bottle)

This Premium Golden Rum is a non-spiced expression, hand-crafted in the heart of Devon by combining a unique blend of exotic Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana with crisp Devonian spring water. The result is an expertly crafted Premium Golden Rum with a 40% ABV that balances a bold tropical character with a super smooth finish. This Golden Rum opens with notes of rich caramel, smoky oak, tobacco, and ripe banana, before finishing with smooth tastes of butterscotch, toasted oak, and fresh citrus zest. Best served on the rocks, with mixers such as Colas, Ginger Ales and Lemonades, or in exotic rum cocktails.

Devon Rum Co - Black Spiced Rum (70cl bottle)

Experience the depths of artisan rum like never before with our Black Spiced Rum. This dark and moody expression is hand-crafted in the heart of Devon, using a unique blend of Caribbean rums, rich blackstrap molasses, aromatic spices, and soft Devonian spring water. The result is a darker spiced rum that opens with deep, earthy notes of blackstrap molasses, sweet cinnamon, and fresh orange zest. These amazing notes are followed by a rich treacly sweetness, perfectly balanced against tangy tones of allspice, spicy cardamom, dark maple, and fruity raisins. Best served neat over ice, or with robust mixers such as ginger beer and cola.

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