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  • Devon Gins - Bays Brewery
  • Devon Gins - Bays Brewery
  • Devon Gins - Bays Brewery
  • Devon Gins - Bays Brewery
  • Devon Gins - Bays Brewery
  • Devon Gins - Bays Brewery
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Devon Gins

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Deck Chair Gin (70cl bottle)

Born in a harbourside cottage, just a stone’s throw from the sparkling waters of the English Riviera, Devon Coast Distillery uses traditional methods and modern technology to produce hand crafted gins in small batches that evoke the feeling of warm summer days beside the seaside.

Handcrafted using seven botanicals and pure Dartmoor water; sweet on the tongue with a refreshing zesty orange finish.

Red Sails Brixham Gin (70cl bottle)

Brixham gin is a small batch, artisan distillery based in the Old Sail Loft on the Brixham harbour. They pride themselves in producing exceptional quality gin with a unique blend of botanical flavours.

A fresh coastal taste with a smooth citrus finish. Red Sails Gin is Brixham Gin’s flagship recipe. Named after the traditional sails of Brixham's heritage trawlers It has a delicious blend of flavours, a smooth finish and a little touch of coastal history.

Torbay Gin (70cl bottle)

2022 IWSC award-winning gin, instantly recognisable by its signature blue colour from the Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, which changes colour to pink when you add your mixer.

Torbay Gin has a remarkable mouthful feel and is juniper led.  It offers up a very delicate hint of sea spaghetti from the first opening of the bottle, leading into a bright citrus nose of orange and lime. It then moves subtly into thyme and finishes on warming cardamom.

Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic is the perfect serve in a Copa glass with plenty of cubed ice and a large wedge of lime.  The lemon thyme and rosemary in the tonic work in perfect harmony with the 11 carefully selected botanicals in Torbay Gin.

Torquay Coastal Dry Gin (70cl bottle)

Torquay Coastal Dry Gin is crafted in the heart of the English Riviera a stones throw from the harbourside. 

They collect and use Rosemary and Lavender from Torre Abbey Gardens and blend them with six other botanicals to create a superior citrus gin with floral notes. 

Best Served, over ice, with a slice of red Grapefruit, a view of the ocean and just a splash of fever tree Mediterranean tonic

Salcombe Start Point Gin (70cl bottle) 

Taking inspiration from the old Salcombe sailors bringing exotic fruits from distant lands in the 19th century. This flavoursome Gin is distilled using the one-shot London dry method. this multiple Gin Awards winner uses an abundance of different botanicals to give its smooth taste.

Starting with a fresh spring water from nearby Dartmoor National Park, a mix of Macedonian juniper, fresh lemon, lime and red grapefruit peels is added. Further flavoured with a delicate mix of cardamom, liquorice, cinnamon bark, chamomile, coriander seeds and cubeb berries to give a elegantly smooth, distinct and complex finish.

Dartmouth English Gin (70cl bottle) 

Handcrafted at Calancombe Estate by Lance and Caroline Whitehead, the gin is a natural reflection of the surrounding area and the abundant botanicals around the estate.

This is a 45% ABV craft gin distilled very slowly to produce a remarkably smooth, full-flavoured spirit that delights.  Smooth enough to drink alone; ideal with tonic and perfect as the basis for a wide range of cocktails where the spirit's complexity creates a perfect serve.