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Bays Brewery

Beer Boxes

Beer Boxes

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Great for parties, BBQ's and family gatherings. Gather round the beer box and get stuck in! Available in 10 litres (18 pint) and 20 litres (36 Pint).

Devon Dumpling Beer Box (Alc. 5.1% Vol)

A strong premium beer with a fresh hop character. This ale has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness. Devonshire through and through!

Topsail Beer Box (Alc. 4% Vol)

This exceptional ale is well balanced, deep amber in colour with a subtle sweetness throughout.

Funky Monkey Beer Box (Alc. 4.3% Vol)

A copper-coloured pale ale that is packed with cheeky citrus character and fruity hoppy notes. Made using a blend of Slovenian and American hops added at three different stages, you’d be nuts not to love it. Brewed in partnership with Paignton Zoo to celebrate its new baboon exhibit Hamadryas Hill, 5% of proceeds go towards wildlife conservation.

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